By definition, Zero Liquid Discharge means that not a single drop of liquid goes out of the premises. We at SS Techno make some of the best Zero Liquid Discharge plants in India. Our plants are tailor-made, taking into account the nature of the wastewater. Evaporators, although capital-intensive, are a necessary investment that ensures the proper treatment of industrial wastewater.
We have a vast experience in treating the wastewater from a wide array of industries.

  • Capacity: 500 m3/day
    Capacity: 850 m3/day

    Zero Liquid Discharge Plants for Distillery

    Molasses based distillery effluent known as spent wash/vinasse/dunder/thin slops, is one of the most difficult applications for evaporators. These effluents are characterized by a high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and high volumes, creating a heavy pollution load on the environment. SS Techno has developed various Innovative evaporation technologies to achieve total Zero Liquid Discharge solutions for the distillery industry.

    SS Techno evaporators are designed for any steam pressure available with the customer, and are guaranteed to give crystal clear condensate. The entire water can be recycled after proper polishing treatment. Raw effluent/post-biogas effluent have been successfully handled. Special applications using alcohol vapours/excess vapours from sugar industry, instead of boiler steam have been also implemented.

    Concentration of solids to any level from 30% to 95% (w/w) has been successfully achieved in various plants as per the need of the customer. Concentrate with 70% solids (w/w) has been successfully incinerated in regular boiler by mixing it with primary fuel such as bagasse/wood chips/rice husk etc.

    Grain based distillery effluents are popularly known as thin slops and are concentrated to be used as cattle feed, by mixing with Distillers Wet Grain Solubles (DWGS).

    Integrated Evaporation Plant
    Operations Suitable for

    Multipressure Vacuum Distillation/ Atmospheric Distillation

    • No steam required
    • 50% to 60% reduction in the volume of the effluent
    • Operations restricted on ground floor only
    • CIP cleaning once every week
    Capacity: 320 m3/day
    Capacity: 300 m3/day
    Stand - alone Evaporation Plant
    Stand - alone Evaporation Plant
    • Evaporation design for any steam pressure available with you
    • Spent wash concentration upto 95% solids (w/w), as per your requirement
    • No physical cleaning required
    • CIP cleaning once every two weeks
    Capacity: 640 m3/day
    Capacity: 528 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants for Dyes and Paints
    Capacity: 20 m3/day
    Capacity: 20 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants For Electronic & Hardware Industry
    Capacity: 20 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants For Steel & Engineering Industry
    Capacity: 40 m3/day
    Capacity: 20 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants For Mineral Processing Industry
    Capacity: 1000 m3/day
    Capacity: 40 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants For Pharma Industry
    Capacity: 50 m3/day
    Capacity: 150 m3/day
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants For Vegetable Oil & Refinery Industry
    Capacity: 150 m3/day