Drying system is generally the last, but a very important section of the Zero Liquid Discharge setup. In most cases, it succeeds the Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE), where it is employed for converting the liquid effluents/concentrates into dry powder or thick paste. In other cases, dryers are used for drying wet solids in crystalline/amorphous forms to dry powder/flakes/ lumps with desired moisture content.

Selection of the dryer depends on the specific application and the duty conditions. Energy consumption per unit production is an important consideration. A dust collection system on the exhaust air from the dryer is a must for the protection of the environment.

Liquids and slurries are dried using SST Dryer (Scraped Surface Dryer) or Spray Dryer. Solids from the Crystallizers/Filters after the MEE are dried using a Paddle Dryer or Continuous Fluid bed Dryer (Static or Vibratory type). In cases, where the condensate from effluent evaporation is to be totally avoided, a Spray Dryer is used.


Turnkey Plants available for

  • Distillery
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceuticals & Allied
  • Engineering, Cement & Steel
  • Dyes/Paint
  • Tyres
  • FMCG
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical and Allied Industry
  • Fish/Meat Processing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Electronics & Hardware
  • Vegetable Oil & Refinery
  • Landfill Leachate
  • SST DryerTM (Scraped Surface Dryer)
    Spray Dryer (Vertical Chamber)
    Spray Dryer (Horizontal Chamber)
  • Distillers Dry Grain Solubles (DDGS) Dryer
    Static Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer
    Vibratory Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Paddle Dryer
    Recovered Solids from Vegetable Oil Industry
    Concentrated Solids from SST DryerTM for Pharma Industry
    Recovered Salt from Mineral Processing Industry